Holland America Line - Special Interline Rates

Who Qualifies?

  • Active and retired Interline employees, defined as employees of IATA/ARC appointed international, regional, courier, and cargo airlines or active employees of FAA, TSA, Air Marshalls, or Air Traffic Controllers. Employee’s specific position must be eligible for flight benefits through their employer to qualify

  • Eligible family members: spouses, parents, parents-in-law, children of the eligible Interline employee

  • Eligible Interline employees and family members are approved for ONE stateroom at the Interline rate

  • Retirees traveling with their spouse are eligible for 1 additional stateroom

  • Additional guests sharing the same stateroom with an eligible Interline employee or family member are extended the Interline rates


  • Interline rate guests will be booked as guarantees. Actual cabin assignment will be made at the discretion of HOLLAND AMERICA LINE. Booking may be subject to cancellation with full refund after confirmation to accommodate higher revenue guests. In the event of any cancellation, HOLLAND AMERICA LINE shall only be responsible for returning monies received towards this voyage and bears no responsibility whatsoever for any payment(s) or deposit(s) towards hotels, transfers, airfare, insurance or other non-cruise tariff expenses whatsoever that may incur.


  • 1. Create a "Hold" booking in our booking engine - FILL OUT A 10 DIGIT PHONE NUMBER ONLY, NO COUNTRY CODE, because you already need to select your country in the line above the telephone number!

  • 2. Email us a copy of your Airline ID

  • 3. After approval we need your payment details to confirm your booking, otherwise your booking will be automatically released

What's included in your Holland America Cruise Price?

  • Full board (A surcharge for Specialty Restaurants applies)

  • All Taxes

Please NOTE:

  • Gratuities are not included !

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